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                 I'm a RCT3 fan...

For some time now I've discovered that you can customize
one of the games that I love and that you could add in it the objects that we can create with a little of commitment and patience.
click to visit RCT3 official siteRoller Coaster Tycoon 3 (RCT3) it is a real managerial game where you have the possibility to construct, to manage and to personalize entire virtual parks complete of many attractions. Thanks to some peoples as Jonwill and Belgabor now we can make ours CS to personalize the game. Here you can find CS made by me... Enjoy


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The custom scenery sets made by me:

happy pool
Moki Happy Pool
happy pool v2
Moki Happy Pool v.2
happy garden
Moki Happy Gardens
Tangram Garden
Tangram Gardens
Mushroom Town
Mushroom Town
winter time
Moki Winter
Themed sets